Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Local Postal operating hours?

Each Local Postal operates during their normal business hours. So when selecting a Local Postal, make sure that their operating hours suit you.

How do I know when to pick-up my package?

We will send you an email with a QR code once your package arrives at your chosen Local Postal. The same QR code will also be available on the Local Postal app, under 'arrived packages'. In order to pick-up your package you will use one of these QR codes.

What is the QR Code for?

This barcode is our security. Only the person with this unique barcode can pick-up your package. Once you receive this barcode, you can forward to anyone you want to pick-up your package.

What can I ship to Local Postal?

Lions and tigers are a no no. Local Postal is just a platform to house your package temporarily. What's inside your package is completely your or the sender's responsibility

What size package can I send to Local Postal?

Regular packages up to 50 linear inches are $2.99 Large packages that are between 50 - 80 linear inches are $5.99 Local Postal does not accept packages over 80 linear inches A Linear inch is length x breadth x width. Each Local Postal will determine the package size at their discretion. Their determination is final.

How long can my package stay at a Local Postal?

Your package can stay at a Local Postal for up 14 calendar days. After the 14th day, you will be charged at the rate of 1$ per day. However, under any extraordinary circumstances we will make our best efforts to accommodate you, provided you inform Local Postal before your 14 day period is over. If your package is unclaimed after 14 days, Local Postal will hold your package for an additional 10 days, thereafter, Local Postal can determine what to do with the package, i.e., keep, donate or dispose.

Can a friend, family member or colleague pick-up my package?

YES, of course. All you have to do is forward them the email we send you with your unique barcode. Please make sure they have the QR code with them when picking up your package. It's that easy.

How does payment work?

The credit card details we have on file from when you sign-up, is the credit card we charge. The transaction only occurs once you have picked up your package and your QR code is scanned.

Is my credit card information safe?

We use Stripe to manage our payments. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available. Stripe's security information is available here and online.

Can I use Local Postal for packages not ordered online?

YES. Local Postal if the safest and cheapest way for you and your family and friends to send packages to each other.

Is my package insured?

Usually your packages are covered up to a certain limit/amount by your courier company and / or your online retailer. We strongly encourage you to buy additional insurance if your package contains an expensive item. At this stage Local Postal doesn't provide any extra insurance coverage to your package.

How do i deactivate my account?

Just email us on instructing us to deactivate your account. Since there is no monthly subscription, you can simply keep your account activated regardless of your usage and use when you want.

How does our pricing work?

We charge you on per package basis. If your single order arrives in multiples packages then you will be charged for each package.

What if my Retailer staggers a delivery of my single order resulting in delivery of same order on different dates?

Most retailers inform customers in advance when they plan to stagger the delivery of a single order. If this is the case, send a new request to the same Local Postal just like you would do when sending a new package request. Please do this as soon as possible. Please note if you fail to do so, Local Postal will not be able to accept the package from your courier causing inconvenience to you. You can also email us to help.

How can I provide a tracking number for my request as it comes much later?

You can edit details of your expected package on the website, or the app. The tracking number field is optional. However, we recommend that you provide your tracking number as it can ensure that the Local Postal handovers the correct package.

How do i ensure that i have been handed the right package since there could be my namesake package at the same Local Postal?

We recommend that you always match your delivery tracking number from your retailer / courier company with the tracking number on your package.

Who should I contact if the content of my package is broken or sub standard?

You should always contact your retailer or your courier company. Local Postal only provides a platform to ensure your package is not left unattended.

Are merchants going to offer any special discounts or promotions?

Our system allows Local Postals to offer special discounts and promotions to our customers, therefore we recommend that you check promotions offered by a particular Local Postal and claim your discount at the time of picking up your package.

Can I claim the discount offered by a Local Postal at a later date than my package pick up date?

No. All discounts offered via our system are only available at the time of your package pick up.

Can I only claim promotions offered by a merchant when using Local Postal?

Yes, however Local Postals can still, in good faith, offer these discounts.

Can I use any mode of payment other than credit card?

No, unfortunately as this stage we are only accepting credit cards.