Become your
neighborhood hotspot... letting people in your community get their packages sent to your business.
By partnering with Local Postal, your business will INCREASE:

  • Foot traffic into your location
  • Sales
  • Community awareness
  • Marketing opportunities

Plus, you will earn money for each package delivered to your business.

We also offer free advertising for your business on our Local Postal platform. This gives potential customers in your community one more reason to visit your business.

How it works:

It's super easy, people in your community simply get their packages sent to your business for them to pick-up during your business hours.

You help with package safety and convenience, and we help you make more money and sales.

With the latest technology, we make this process easy, seamless and quick.

All you need is a smart phone and a little extra room.

Let Local Postal market your business.

With every email we send to our customers that choose your store, we also send marketing, promotional, coupons or any other information you wish these customers to receive. This promotional/marketing information can be added in your personal Local Postal Portal, so that you are always in control.

Let our customers become your customers.